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    Why You Need A Recliner...                 Top of Page ^

It is quite common for people to suffer from lumbar pain and similar other back problems. More often than not, it is due to the lack of adequate support that this issue arises. One needs to understand that while they are sitting or lying down, their back needs to be provided with optimal support and their spine needs to be kept aligned. Recliners are just the thing that would allow you to keep back problems at bay with a lot of efficiency. Recliners basically refer to armchairs or sofas, which allow the occupant to lower the back of the chair while raising the front. They are composed of a backrest, which can be tilted back. Usually, a footrest also forms part of the chair, which either needs to be opened by means of a lever or does so on its own when the back is reclined. There are certain innovations that have been made to modern recliners to optimize comfort. They now comprise of an adjustable headrest along with lumbar support and usually come equipped with an independent footstool, which is adjustable according to the weight and angle of the occupant’s leg, thereby leading to enhanced comfort. Certain recliners are also provided with features of heat, massage, and vibration. They can also be accommodated for the supine position.

There are quite a few options that you will find when it comes to recliners. You will have to take some factors into account while making your purchase. One of the features that should contribute to the decision you make is the space that you have. The size of the apartment along with the area you are willing to allot to the recliner will prove to be pivotal when it comes to selecting the type of recliner you want to purchase. There are two main types of recliners, those with casters and wall-hugging recliners. Recliners with casters are the traditional recliners, which tend to be rather large. They are immobile and thus, moving them from one place to another is quite a difficult task. You need to place them with care so that you will not have to drag or carry them anywhere within a short span. They prove to be perfect for medical settings and are sometimes equipped with an optional removable arm along with a tray table for the same reason.

  • It should be soft to feel yet firm enough to provide you with adequate support. Purchase a recliner that you can expect to last a long time.

  • Finding the perfect recliner When you set out to purchase the perfect recliner, there are quite a few things that you should take into account. The fabric along with the filling of the chair needs to be paid attention to. You need to ensure that the recliner you use is of profound quality.

  • They are positioned close to the wall with the distance being not more than a few inches. You will find that they recline only in the forward direction, which is done by a gliding mechanism present underneath the seat. The mechanism pushes the bottom half of the chair in the forward direction so that the back does not get close to the wall. Therefore, if you have a lack of space, this one would prove to be the perfect option.

  • If we talk about the wall-hugging leather recliner chairs , these are the ones that should be used when you have limited space.

Bunk Bed With Stairs                 Top of Page ^

One item that possibly more concerned parents would buy their children would be a bunk bed with stairs.

This of course goes against the traditional ladder which would be attached to the bottom bunk as well as the top bunk and be climbed in order to read the top bed. One of the main reasons for parents wanting bunk beds with stairs is with regards to safety concerns that there’s a greater chance of falling when climbing a ladder then stairs. I’m personally not sure if this is actually the case, because although the child may be used to climbing stairs ladders have the added advantage that they allow the hands to be used in the climbing instead of just the legs. Although most of the ‘stairs’ that are attached to beds don’t have banisters and are probably not particularly safer – possibly actually being more dangerous.

Saying all of that I think the chance of your son or daughter being injured while climbing up to the top bunk is pretty minimal. For a start it’s only a few meters to fall and children on a mass to muscle ratio are quite strong. This means that although they’re not strong on a relative scale to most people, considering how light they are they can easily support their own body. A good example would be that most children can hang from a climbing frame with little effort needed.

However it’s not just for safety reasons that parents buy this type of a bunk bed and there’s also the reason to consider that it makes the whole bed sturdier. A good pair of stairs on one end adds depth and dimension to the bed making it bigger and giving it a feel of something that is going to last as it were.

I personally don’t see a reason why it’s necessary to purchase a bunk bed with stairs apart from unless it perhaps looks aesthetically pleasing. Items such as stompa bunk beds with stairs in my professional opinion offer no greater safety than regular bunk beds from Grand Home Design.

Photo editing apps for Android

Photo editing is trending becoming a must-have especially before uploading photos on social media. People love to tweak and improve their photos in order to get more appreciation. Along with the increase in the popularity of social media, photo editing apps are getting more attention. People love to have as many likes and followers on social media as they can, and thus they want their pictures to look perfect. The photo editing applications allow you to get the best out of your picture.

They can make your photo look bright, colorful and attractive. There are limitless features in these apps that include different frames, shades and even straightening crooked pictures. Thousands of photo editing applications are available for the Android operating system. Here is a list of some of the best apps that are available for Android.

Bonfire photo editor pro
So many fun features were introduced in photo editing when Bonfire photo editor came in. Basically, it is a photo filter app that includes different filters and essential photo editing tools. This editor supports many filters for your photos. Initially, it includes a simple black, white and HDR fitler but you can unlock more and get the fun started. There are many fun filters in the app like “Fancy” that converts your picture into watercolor. You can download this app directly from the app store and enjoy.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe has proven itself to be mobile friendly. Realizing the need of mobile users for the best photo editing app, Adobe launched one of the most elegant photo editing applications. This app is the best of all. It is rated as the best app of all and is more powerful than any other app. This app perfectly syncs with the essence of smartphones as it can adjust photos with a slew of finger touch. It also allows you to crop, add and tweak your pictures. It is a pretty decent app and can also be used for professional purposes.

Airbrush is for selfie lovers. It offers some of the best features for selfies. It allows you to have quick fixes and face editing. You can edit your skin tone, remove blemishes , whiten your teeth or brighten your eyes. It is very simple to use since it is a user-friendly app. It has already managed an incredible rating of 4.8 on google play store. Airbrush transforms your pics by making them look more natural.

Fotor photo editor
With more than 100 filters, this app is a giant. It has the enhanced abilities to crop, rotate, brighten, contrast, saturate, expose, highlight, tint, and RGB. It is easy to handle and allows you to make quick fixeswith just the touch of a finger. It is more like an actual editing tool. Fotor is one of the oldest apps in this domain. With the passage of time, this app has evolved from being the most user-friendly app to the world’s first photography platform.

    Hosting & Domain Names                         Top of Page ^

Whether you are looking for a start up site for a small business, a large site capable of running a huge database, or even an internet radio station, we can provide it.

We have many combinations of hosting available to suit your individual needs, if you want a MySQL capable site running PHP we can provide it, if you need a Microsoft Windows® based website or need Shoutcast® or IceCast® hosting we can provide it. We have access to all types of hosting methods because we know not everyone likes or wants the same thing, we all have our preferences, just call us.

  • Website hosting from £70 per year

  • name for £15 per 2 years

  • .com names for £35 per 2 years

  • Transfer to us for FREE ( names)

  • No costs if you decide to leave us

  • Lots of free bells & whistles on our hosting packages

    Promote Your Site                                     Top of Page ^

If your site is not ranking very high in search engines and is generally unheard of - Talk to us today!

Your investment will pay for itself many times over when you are on the first page of Google with well targeted wording!

We will turn the loss of having a site no one visits into a profitable asset to your business.

We employ a number of techniques that will get your visitor number up and get your product or service sold

  • Talk to us about the Benefits that Google Adwords can bring you

  • Linking techniques

  • Keyword analysis

  • HTML checking for friendliness!

  • Body text reviewing for maximum effectiveness

We NEVER use any methods that will get you banned or classed as a spammer! Call us today.

Learn 'How to Succeed using Google Adwords' Follow the information and work plan. This is our own handbook which we use everyday.
It will save you from wasting £100's in making mistakes.
Click here to buy it now and be up and running within 3 days!

    New To Websites                                        Top of Page ^                             

If this is your first venture into websites, it must all seem a bit confusing with endless jargon and lists of "MUST HAVES" that you are told are absolutely essential for your site to be successful. Well there are only a few absolutely essential items to begin and they are:

  • A domain name - such as - Don't rush this one! lots of people offer cheap deals on names but then start piling on the costs for other services or to move the name. After you have thought of your ideal name, give us a call we can secure it for you and then you will not have to pay any further costs if you decide to move it elsewhere. We would recommend a if you intend trading in the UK or Europe.

  • Website Hosting - This is the place where the website 'lives'. It is essentially some hard disk space that you rent on a web server. We can provide different types of hosting to suit your chosen type of website. If you know what platform you need, let us know and we can arrange it. If you don't know please ask us.

  • Website - The physical website to put on your hosting space and where the domain name will go when people enter it. This is our main area of work, ask us for a quotation, ask for whatever you want and we'll let you know how viable it is within your budget, you may be surprised what is achievable!

Other things may or may not be relevant to your needs such as promotion services, database hosting, CMS which allows you to edit your own site on your screen. Again tell us what you would like and we will be happy to explain it and offer a solution. Our advice is FREE so you have nothing to lose!


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